“A rapt audience let the silence linger, then broke into whoops and cheers.” — The New York Times

“Bruce Brubaker is one of the most exciting pianists in the contemporary American classical scene.” — Pitchfork

“Brubaker’s playing was seriously beautiful, effusively expressive.” — The Boston Globe


“I wouldn’t trade Pollini, Argerich, Richard Goode, Peter Serkin or Bruce Brubaker (to mention a terrific younger artist) for any handful of Horowitzes!” — Pulitzer Prize–winning Washington Post critic Tim Page

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“The reputation of Bruce Brubaker is more than legendary. Like David Tudor two generations ago, Mr. Brubaker is an icon for music of our time.” — Harry Rolnick, concerto.net

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In live performances from the Hollywood Bowl to New York’s Le Poisson Rouge, from Hong Kong to France’s International Piano Festival at La Roque d’Anthéron, and in recordings for ECM, InFiné, Bedroom Community, and Arabesque — Bruce Brubaker is the new musician, visionary virtuoso, artistic provocateur. Named “Young Musician of the Year” by Musical America, Bruce Brubaker performs Mozart with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and plays Philip Glass’s piano music around the world. With more than 125 million streams on Spotify, Bruce Brubaker reaches a large, diverse audience. Profiled on NBC’s Today show, Brubaker has performed with Meredith Monk, Nico Muhly, Lorraine Hunt, and John Cage. Brubaker is featured on Nico Muhly’s album Drones and Meredith Monk’s album Piano Songs. Several dance music and electronica artists, including Plaid, Francesco Tristano, Max Cooper, and Akufen, have remixed Brubaker tracks.

“The listener rises to another level of consciousness … a sensory and temporal musical experience, lacking the contingencies of reality … a hypnotic adventure.” — Ouest France

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Bruce Brubaker at New England Conservatory

“Brubaker recital proves eclectic, hypnotic, and timeless” — The Boston Globe

“Like driving fast with the windows down, listening to the sound change according to the road’s surface and the proximity of other objects.” — The New York Times

“A big-toned, brainy, firebrand kind of music making that made you think of—dare one say this?—Rudolf Serkin.” — The Boston Globe


“Mr. Brubaker’s demeanor was calm, cheerful, optimistic—as though the idea of classical music vanishing into a virtual cloud of perpetual recombination didn’t bother him one bit.” — “The Post-Postmodern Pianist” in The New York Observer