Every performance is an installation, every painting a performance.

All poems are music, and every sculpture is a dance.

Crayons and brushes are pencil and paper, or computer keyboard, or violin and bow, or space to fill-up on stage in a theater.

A pianist is a singer, is a dancer, a maker of line drawings, a teller of tales, a weaver.

The designs and stories are new and old. The spinning has never been done before, never happened before, and it’s continuous, coming out as long as there is us, or ever has been us — or ever will be.

Playing music (making music, shaping sound) is listening, is teaching, is reading — and writing. Moving the body through the air, bending the light, time taken, experience effected, life altered, life lived.


— posted on PianoMorphosis, artsJournal.com, November, 30, 2009